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Our Story


I'm Mary Dudley, owner of Mary’s Twisted Kitchen. I'm born and raised here in Dallas, TX. I have a passion for cooking and making people feel good. I come from a large family and have always cooked for my family and friends. I extended this passion to a business and opened a small restaurant inside of a gas station with the help of my son. When the gas station closed, my customers still inquired about my food. Therefore, I began to sell plates out of my house. My business grew tremendously causing traffic in my neighborhood. 

I then retired from Bank of America to cook full-time. Due to the growth of the business, I decided to purchase a food truck. We did events and sold at some locations but we were still missing the vast majority of our customers. We then decided to open a centralized location. 

At this point, I decided to make Mary's Kitchen a full certified business! I have my handsome son Marquie Lewis as CEO. He is an excellent cook and comes up with unique entrees for the restaurant. He can truly prepare any meal! The flavors he create are the perfect twist. I also have my loving husband Ralph Dudley as my CFO. He's very business minded and always helps out when needed. Lastly, I have my neice Ambriel Jones as the House Manager. She operates the restaurant very efficiently! You will never know if we are around or not. She can skillfully run the kitchen and the front end. I'm very grateful for my staff!

We take pride in providing great food and excellent customer service! Customer Service is our top priority. If you ever have any issues, please let contact us as soon as possible. We will always make it right. 

I also sell name brand designer perfumes, bedding, and Mary’s Drink 2 Shrink. I hope to meet you all soon!

We really have to extend a special thanks to Smash the Topic News(Cyrus) for much of our growth!


He came when we were selling food out of house and went live.


Our followers grew tremendously after this! We actually named a menu item after him. We also have to thank Mr. Chimetime for doing a review on Mary’s Twisted Kitchen. Our business definitely spiked after this. We are forever appreciative for you both!

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